I have created,

designed, developed, prototyped and realised highly customised bags and accessories for fashion brands you know around the world for 2 decades in India.

Here, I will share with you original prototypes, reedition of concepts into objects and a wide variety of items created from repurposing high quality surplus materials from previous collections.

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  • D SÉRIE objects

    Able to be produced only manually, this weaving combining vegetable tanned leather with natural fibre ropes plays with a multitude of stripes. It has been placed on cushions, ottomans, sofas and utility bags of various sizes. The original name of the project: Kair, meaning ropes in Tamil, is an artistic attempt to preserve, revitalize and elevate a rapidly fading art of hand loomed material in South India. This collection will always present small woven imperfections and slight size variations in the stripes which make every products one of a kind.

  • H SÉRIE objects

    July 2020, in the middle of the pandemic crisis, I started working on selecting the natural fibres for our collection of woven mats, bags and baskets. The selection process entails a lot of experimentation to see which fibres work best not only in terms of strength and longevity but also in terms of sustainability and building circular economies. And keeping in mind our DNA which is handmade leather detailing, we are showing a lot of samples combining natural fibres with leather.

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  • Signature Collection

    Cédric Courtin intervened on exceptional piece .A single piece of leather, paper thin, is wrapped around the shape with impeccable precision to a series of bangles, indian clubs, cane chair and tray pieces. This fine craftsmanship is the signature of Ateliers Courtin, the workshops in the Pondicherry-Auroville belt known for its research and development in techniques around leatherwork. As the title explains, the object is completely twisted on a collectible item.

  • Re craft Items

    We offer a wide variety of objects created from repurposing high-quality surplus materials from previous collections. Each piece of this collection bears a trace of history and authenticity. Hand made twisted leather handle on baskets,

    Courtin ReCraft is about the joy of craft beyond the new.

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repair and maintenance

Studio Courtin is now open-the first atelier in India to specialise in repairing and maintaining leather items. Housing a full-time leather artisan, It's a commitment to breathing fresh life into long-cherished possessions. Beyond cleaning, nurturing and repairing services, we want to build our commitment to the longevity of our handcrafted bags, with all stores continuing to offer lifetime support for repair and maintenance.

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